How to Clean Coffee Stains from Car Seats

Taking a cup of coffee on the go is a common thing between drivers, especially when we are running late to work or school. Most cars come equipped with cup holders to make the driver’s life easier, but even with these, it’s easy to accidentally spill coffee all over the seat. If you have ever experienced this situation, then you already know how frustrating that can be. But what should you do? To make things easier, at The Car Lot etc. we have put together 4 simple steps on how to clean coffee stains from car seats.

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Remove fresh coffee spills

  • Blot the excess of coffee as soon as possible. Acting fast is fundamental to properly remove the stains, as a fresh spill is a lot easier to clean up than dried coffee. Use paper towels, napkins, cloths or any absorbent fabric you have handy to soak up the spilled liquid. In this first step, it’s important to not rub the area as this can cause the stain to spread onto the rest of the seat and make things much worse.
  • Gently rub with a cleaning solution. There are different solutions you can use to clean the coffee stain. Which one to choose will depend on where you find yourself at that moment or what products you have on hand. If you happen to have a spray-on upholstery cleaner, this would be the right time to use it. If not, you can use more common products like a mix of water, dish soap and vinegar. Some cleaning experts also recommend the use of baking soda mixed with water and vinegar. No matter which method you use, simply apply the solution to the affected area and gently rub with a clean towel or sponge. Let the solution soak in for 30 minutes to allow it to properly work on the stain.
  • Rinse with clean water and blot. Use a clean towel or cloth with cool water to rinse the cleaning mixture from the car seat fabric. Use gentle dabbing motions until no more coffee stains appear on the cloth you are using and until the seat becomes soap-free.
  • Dry the wet area with a hairdryer. It’s important to not leave the affected area moist, as this can lead to bad smell or mold presence. Use a hairdryer to dry out the affected area or, if the weather allows it, leave the windows down until the spot dries.

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When cleaning coffee stains, always remember the sooner the better. Keep in mind these easy steps and get your car looking like new again. If you think it’s time to change your vehicle, you can also browse through our online inventory of used cars and find the perfect model for your needs