What Should I Look for When Test Driving A Used Car?

You are in the market for a used vehicle and, after a thorough search, you have found the perfect option for you. Although the hardest part of the job is done, the process doesn’t end here. Performing a test drive is an essential component of the car-buying process, whether you are a first-time buyer or are trading up to a newer vehicle. To guide drivers through this next step, at The Car Lot etc. we have put together some of the most important things you should look for when test driving a used car.

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Before You Drive…

1. Check the exterior. Before even getting inside the car, it’s important to perform a walk-around. Pay attention to how the vehicle looks and slowly open every door to make sure there are no imperfections. Look for things such as matching paint across the entire car, items hanging down under the car and the condition of the tires.

2. Test out the interior features. Look at the various interior features and test them. Play with all the buttons and check the gadgets that come with the vehicle. Things to look over include the dashboard lights, radio, heating and air conditioning, interior lights, rearview camera and smartphone connectivity. Another important step when testing the car’s interior is trying every seat to make sure they are comfortable and have enough legroom for passengers.

3. Get behind the wheel of the car. Close the door, put on your seat belt and adjust your seat, the mirrors and the steering wheel. Make sure that you are comfortable and can properly see the road ahead.

While You Drive…

1. Start the car. Now that you have completed your preliminary checks, it is time to drive. Before deciding to purchase a car, you want to get a feel for acceleration, braking, steering and ride quality. Place the key in the ignition or press the push-button start with your right foot on the brake. Keep noises inside of the vehicle to a minimum so that you can hear how the engine works.

2. Listen for any odd sounds. Pay attention to any weird noises coming from the engine during acceleration, braking, while going over bumps or handling turns. Make sure that the car runs smoothly, the engine doesn’t stall or cough, and the brakes grip without rubbing.

3. Bring the car up to speed. Try to drive for at least 10 miles so you can have enough time to evaluate the vehicle under different conditions. It’s a good idea to drive through the highway and bring the car’s speed up to at least 60 mph. This way you can properly press the accelerator, check the brakes and make sure the steering doesn’t drift to the side. Also, make sure that the transmission shifts smoothly and does not make any odd noises.

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When test driving a used car, is important to use all senses and take enough time to check every interior and exterior component. If you are looking to test drive a used car, truck or SUV in Greater Sudbury, ON, browse through our online inventory at The Car Lot etc. to find the perfect option for you and schedule an appointment to take it out for a ride.

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