How Long Can I Let My Car Sit Without Driving It?

The ongoing pandemic has many people hunkering down at home, which begs the question of how long you can let your car sit without risking damage. Whether you’re self-quarantining or just taking an extended vacation, caring for your vehicle while it sits for a lengthy duration is far more important than it might seem. If you plan to come back to a working car, here are some car maintenance tips you should know.

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How long can a car sit without being driven?

Ideally, you should start your car and drive it at a minimum of once every two weeks. Start with a slow drive around the neighborhood to let the oil circulate and lubricate the moving parts. Then take it out on the open road and kick it up to at least 50 mph. A regular workout will help to clear out engine components and keep the battery charged.

What happens if a car is not driven for a long time?

When a car sits stagnant for more than a couple of weeks, you run the risk of causing permanent damage due to a myriad of factors. The battery slowly loses its charge, moisture builds up in the gas tank, tires develop flat spots and oil starts to deteriorate in quality. You may even find local wildlife moving into the hidden nooks and crannies. Rodents tend hunker down under the hood and may nibble away at wiring.

Aside from taking your car for a drive every couple of weeks, here are some steps you can take to keep everything running in good condition:

  • Top off your tank to help reduce the accumulation of moisture and gasoline fumes.
  • Check tire pressure to make sure they match manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Continue changing oil at the proper time intervals, even if you’re ahead on miles.
  • Consider using rodent repellent to ward off unwanted residents.

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