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4 Sure-Fire Ways That Buy Now Pay Later Loans Work for You

Interest-free car or truck financing, commonly referred to as “Buy Now, Pay Later” offers, have become an increasingly popular and safe way for shoppers to pay for larger purchases. This format offers stress relief allowing the buyer to post-pone monthly payments for a certain time so they can focus their energies on other things in their life. Buy Now Pay Later options work for your as a car / truck buyer in many ways, including:

1. Gives you a Chance to Take a Vacation & Get the Perfect Vehicle You Want

Let’s face it, everyone deserves a vacation and the car or truck of their dreams. You can have both when your money is freed up for 90 days. You have the leeway to take a small vacation and only start making vehicle payments later on.

2. Relieves the Stress of Another Payment Burden for 3 Months

When you really need a newer vehicle but your budget can’t handle the extra stress of monthly payments right away – a Buy Now Pay Later program offers you a 90 day solution that creates a buffer to save money or pay off other debts in the short-term. Buying your used vehicle from an OMVIC Certified Dealership also gives you access to financing solutions that support buyers with good interest rates despite their bruised or bad credit.

3. You Have Free money available if you are going through a rough time, or expensive time of year.

We all know how financially demanding the winter season can be on families. Not having to worry about paying for your vehicle loan through the Christmas season gives your wallet a break for what matters most- your family!

4. You have More time to get your finances sorted out

Vehicle break downs are never planned. When you need your next vehicle in a pinch situation and its more economical to finance it than it is to sink more money into your present beater, that’s when Buy Now Pay Later options really work in your favor. You have time to work out your finances, etc

Bonus tip: Did you know that not all Car and Truck Dealerships report your good monthly payments? Reputable OMVIC Certified used car dealerships like The Car Lot etc. can report your good monthly payments to help you rebuild your good credit. Look for Dealerships that can work to your benefit and help you re build or protect your good credit.

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Nov 30th, 2018