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Interior car view of man with hand on the wheel

Stay Safe While Driving With These Safety Tech Features

Common Car Safety Features You Should Know About

When it comes to buying a vehicle for you and your family, either new or used, safety is always a priority. In recent years more and more models have incorporated high-tech safety features to assist the driver when possible and ensure a safer ride. But what exactly are these technologies and how do they work? The following video from Autoblog outlines the most common car safety features you should know about when choosing your next vehicle.

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Red car stranded in packed snow

Things You Should Keep In Your Car In Case Of An Emergency

How to Prepare a Winter Car Emergency Kit

Winter conditions can get you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Whether you run out of fuel, slip off a snowy road or puncture a tire, a car emergency kit can help you get back on the road quickly or at least make the time waiting for assistance safer and more comfortable. If you want to learn how to prepare a Winter Car Emergency Kit by yourself, read the list below to find out the essential items you should store in your trunk.

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Close Up of Winter Tires on a Snowy Road

What Do You Do If You Start to Slide on Snow or Ice?

Learn How To Avoid and Correct a Slide on Snow and Ice

Winter has arrived in Canada. Winter travel can be treacherous if you are not prepared for the snow and ice and many new drivers in the Greater Sudbury area may now know what to do if and when they start to slide on the snow and ice. Learn how to avoid and correct a slide on snow and ice with this quick step-by-step guide created by The Car Lot Etc. Read the rest of this entry >>

how far can you drive like this text with a fuel gauge pointing to empty

Is It Safe to Drive While Your Low Fuel Light is On?

How Far Can Your Car or Truck Drive on Empty?

Have you ever felt a certain kind of panic that is unique to hearing or seeing a notification that your fuel tank is just about dried up and you aren’t sure when the next convenience station will appear? Chances are good that you have encountered this or something like it at some point, and perhaps you were fortunate and found a nearby gas station and took care of it right away. But what if there had been no gas station for kilometres upon kilometres? How many kilometres would it have been until you puttered to a stop on the side of the road? It may be longer than you think! How far can your car or truck drive on empty? Keep reading!  Read the rest of this entry >>

SUV driving on a snowy road

Stay safe this winter by having good tires on your vehicle

What are the advantages of Winter and Snow Tires?

Winter is officially in full swing. With a few winter storms under our belt, we are all once again professionals at taking it slow, leaving earlier, and scraping the snow off of our vehicles. The last time that you drove around in the snow, did you feel like you had good traction? Or did you feel like you were slipping around more than you would like? Have you thought about putting winter or snow tires on your vehicle? If you have been thinking about it, you have come to the right place! Keep reading as we explore the answer to the question, “what are the advantages of winter and snow tires?” Read the rest of this entry >>