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Step-By-Step Instructions To Change Your Oil and Oil Filter

How To Check and Change the Oil in Your Vehicle

Are you a new driver with a new-to-you pre-owned pickup truck? Regular automotive maintenance is an important aspect of automotive ownership – and that includes getting your oil changed. It is important to change your oil every 7,500 to 10,000 miles and it is a pretty simple process – a process you can do on your own. Learn how to check and change the oil in your vehicle with this step-by-step instructional guide and how-to video created by The Car Lot Etc. Greater Sudbury-area drivers who do not feel comfortable changing their own oil can schedule a service appointment with The Car Lot Etc. Service Department!

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Step-By-Step Oil Change Instructions


  1. Check the Owner’s Manual for the Type and Amount of Oil You Will Need 
  2. Buy an Oil Filter and Replacement Oil 
  3. Collect the Wrenches and Supplies You Need 
  4. Park Your Vehicle on a Level Service and Engage the Parking Brake 
  5. Open the Hood and Remove the Dipstick 
  6. Remove the Oil Pan Drain Plug and Let the Oil Drain Into a Pan 
  7. Replace and Tighten the Oil Drain Plug 
  8. Use an Oil Filter Wrench to Remove the Oil Filter 
  9. Lubricate the Gasket of the Oil Filter 
  10. Replace and Tighten the Oil Filter 
  11. Use the Funnel to Add Replacement Oil 
  12. Use the Dipstick to Check Oil Levels