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Canadians Love Their SUVs: Here’s 3 Reasons Why

Canadians love SUVs and are buying up SUVs at an increasing rate, making SUVs, including hatchbacks and crossovers, the most popular type of vehicle. Even major police forces are opting for SUVs over traditional cars. So, what’s with the enormous spike in this recent buying shift? Here are 3 reasons why SUVs have become a bestseller in Canada:


Everyone from single adults to busy families and even business professionals love the practicality that SUVs offer them. They fit the personality of baby boomers and millennials seamlessly with their impressive list of features. SUVs give a higher and smoother ride along with plenty of space while still remaining compact. New technology like backup cameras and automated braking systems combined with the towing capacity for those who want it make SUVs an even more compelling purchase. Equipped with all the features of a luxury vehicle with the price tag that can be afforded by the working class.

Low Interest Rates

Prompted by the rise of SUV popularity, the automotive industry has offered a great deal of incentives and other deals to consumers looking to drive away in one. The low interest rates offered on new and, predominantly, used SUVs coupled with fluctuating Canadian fuel costs have made owning one much more feasible. The combination of incentives, fluctuating fuel costs and the offer of low interest rates means more people can afford to make an SUV their daily driver.

Redesigned Models

SUV, an acronym for Sport Utility Vehicle, denotes any vehicle model with raised ground clearance and all-wheel drive. SUVs, and the wide range of features they’re equipped with, today well surpasses this original definition, however. No longer associated with poor gas mileage and an unnecessarily large size, the entire SUV concept has been redesigned by automakers. This has effectively converted the SUV into an efficient and high-quality performance vehicle, complete with a luxury appeal.

Gone are the days of the classic family minivan. Loaded to the brim with all the latest technology, new SUV models offer a very compelling option for all income brackets. SUVs are no longer solely reserved for adventure seekers, becoming increasingly more attractive to the average person seeking comfort and features that offer safer and smoother driving throughout Canada’s unpredictable weather patterns. We live in a time of rising gasoline prices, social upheaval and climate change, putting overwhelming pressure on consumers to downsize their vehicles. Take a look around the next time you’re out and see how many SUVs are on the road in comparison to traditional cars. With low interest rates, spectacularly redesigned models, and immense practicality, it’s no wonder everyone from the average joe to law enforcement are turning to SUVs over the traditional car. The SUV trend is unlikely to go away anytime soon. Perhaps you, yourself, may even be enticed to join the growing trend of SUV owners.


Apr 17th, 2018